About Us

Our History

Bigodi swamp & community tours association

BISCOTA was founded in 2017. In order to conserve area of rich biodiversity outside, wetlands in particular and to benefit communities from tourism businesses in the areas, mainly Kibale National Park (KNP).

A group of the youth (6 members) from Bigodi steered the formation of the community based organization (CBO). Membership has grown to 75 and it include other groups e.g KIbale reformed poachers group with 30 members, Bigodi community junior school with 10 members, Bigodi Basket weaver group with 16 member and other member from the community.

Biscota’s Founding Members

Overwhelmingly agreed on the need to conserve the wetland. The wetland is a stretch of about 5 km long and 1 km wide attached to KNP it acts as a corrider for animals from the swamp to the park. It was resolved that the tourism could bring benefits to the community and hence encourage conservation of this important natural resource.

Issue areas

Biscota’s Main Objectives

Specific Goals include